A brief introduction to the five-claw buckle


The five-claw button is composed of four pieces, and some people also have a ring button, which means a button with five claws. Five-claw buttons mainly include hollow five-claws, covered five-claws, and pearlescent five-claws. According to the size, they can be divided into 111#, 222#, 333#, 555#, 888#, etc. Five-claw buttons are mostly used in children's clothing or outdoor products. Therefore, the electroplating and surface painting of the five-jaw button must be environmentally friendly and lead-free. Five-jaw buttons generally need to be tested for environmental protection and tension tests. Environmental testing is different in different countries. The tension test is to ensure that the buttons will not easily fall off on the clothes, because the five-jaw buttons are mainly used for children’s clothing. , So it is necessary to prevent the button from getting off the child's mouth by mistake.