Gold fell to a new low? Bracelets become a new investment!


Bracelet is a kind of jewelry, worn on the wrist, made of metal products such as gold and silver, but also minerals, crystals and so on. People often give bracelets to pray for blessings, so bracelets are very popular among various bracelet jewelry brands. As the first product, the main knitting materials can be customized at The bracelet knitting can be First fold the two ropes in half, hold the middle point with your left hand, and pinch the two ropes with your right thumb and index finger The two ropes should not touch each other, leave a distance of about 1cm), while pulling the rope up or down, then loosen the left-hand rope and twist it together, and then move the left and right hands to the right and repeat the previous operation. The second method is to use a single rope, hold the two ends of the rope and twist the rope in opposite directions with the left and right hands, twist the rope to the required tightness and fold the rope in half.