Leather handbag hardware nameplate


There are many materials used to make leather handbag hardware nameplates, including metal and non-metallic materials. The leather handbag hardware nameplate refers to metal signs made of "hardware". The five metals are iron, tin, gold, silver and copper. With the development and expansion of the hardware industry, the production materials of leather handbag hardware nameplates are far from limited to these five metals, and metals or alloys such as aluminum, zinc alloy, and stainless steel have also been added. At present, the most popular material can be said to be aluminum, because the nameplate made of aluminum has a better texture and is more durable. We can customize leather handbag hardware nameplates according to customers' requirements. For product customization, you can log in to www.goldbotton.com for factory direct sales, quality assurance, or design patterns for customers. It is deeply loved by major clothing brands.

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