Circle-faced five-claw buttons


The ring-faced five-claw button is made of pure copper material and thickened by electroplating. It has a variety of shapes. The button is suitable for all kinds of clothing. The characteristics of the button are: sustainable, washable, and nickel-free. We can make it according to customer requirements. Custom can log in factory direct sales, quality assurance, or help customers design patterns.
It is deeply loved by major clothing brands.
The five-claw buckle is the same as the four-button buckle. A set of buckles consists of 4 parts, of which two parts are the same, that is, two small iron rings with claws, which are fixed by the five claws engaging with the other side. Because the claws of the five-prong buckle are short, it is not suitable for thick positions, but it is lighter than the four-button buckle. Generally, the five-prong buckle can be used as a fastener for summer or children's clothing or thin bags.

Part of the five-claw buckle is difficult to distinguish between the front and the back. If you don’t look closely, you can’t see it at all. If you look carefully, the inner edge of the front is relatively flat, while the back has a groove. Can be fixed. This must be paid attention to before installation.