Denim buckle


he main materials involved in denim buckle are copper, zinc alloy, iron, aluminum, etc. The size of the button surface of the denim button varies from factory to factory, but the more common ones are: 16L(10MM), 18L(11.5MM)20L, (12.5MM), 24L(15MM), 27L(17MM), 32L(20MM) . Can be divided into: hollow denim buckle, rubber core denim buckle, shaking head denim buckle, double needle denim buckle, two-color denim buckle, denim buckle with diamond, etc. Can be customized according to customer requirements, product customization can log in factory direct sales, quality assurance, or help customers design patterns. The denim buckle is composed of the upper button (A piece) and the lower nail (B piece). The two parts are combined by knocking. Because the shape after the combination is slightly like the Chinese character "工", it is named "Worker button", also known as "Jeans".