Denim cover studs


Most of the studs rest on the sides of the more conspicuous jeans pockets. Not only are they very similar in appearance to the hardware buttons on the trousers, because the hardware buttons on the trousers are often hidden by the top. The only thing that appeared in the eyes of the public was the studs on the trouser pockets. Because all aspects of its own quality can give people an intuitive impression of the whole pair of pants, have you noticed that there is a large metal button on the head of our jeans, and under the trousers is the pocket There will be a few small metal bumps on the left and right positions of the mouth and the left and right positions of the back pocket mouth, and it is almost the same in shape, color, style and buttons on the trousers, which is a perfect match. And this combination is more obvious in our denim clothing. Because of the matching and decoration of the studs, we can make our clothes so beautiful and perfect. I don't know how many people have worked hard to come up with a coup. In fact, everything, large and small, is the same, because when it is matched with another thing, the combination can be more perfect and can show its value. Zinc alloy, copper, stainless steel, and aluminum are made into all kinds of fashionable alloy denim button nails by electroplating. We can make customized products according to customer requirements. For product customization, you can log in to for factory direct sales, quality assurance, or design patterns for customers.