What are the special styles of metal buttons?


Among many button varieties, metal buttons are one of the more widely used ones. It has various designs and colors and can be used in various clothing, accessories and outer packaging decorations. With people's pursuit of fashion and material culture, buttons are used more and more widely in decorations. This change in form has led to major changes in the types and materials of buttons. The variety of varieties is always dazzling.

Among our common color varieties, according to the shape, there are round, square, diamond, oval, leaf shape, etc.; according to the color, there are emboss, concave, inlaid, edging, etc.; according to the raw material and craftsmanship, there are bakelite, leather, and shells. , Pearlescent, electroplating, metal, etc., as well as no sewing, no thread, no buttonhole buttons, etc.; there are also some flower buttons made of natural color cloth, which can be carefully made into various shapes and artistic, such as butterfly buttons , Goldfish New Zealand, Plum Blossom New Zealand, Sweetheart New Zealand, etc. According to the characteristics of materials, it can be divided into four categories: synthetic material buttons, natural material buttons, combination buttons and metal buttons.

In the next few years, the status of buttons in the clothing accessories industry will be further improved, and its application in the clothing industry will also be more extensive.