Briefly introduce the button manufacturing process


Hardware button: open size mold (existing mold repair mold)-"button open face mold (shape) / pattern (LOGO / pattern, etc.)-" try mold, a sample-"beat the rough embryo-" Oil washing/polishing——"Plating——"Other process treatments (oiling/laser/screen printing, etc.)——"Inspection/testing——"Packing and shipping

Alloy buttons: drawing design drawings-"carved copper -" EDM-"bulk molds -" trial molds-"blanks -" polishing / hand polishing-"plating-"others Process treatment (oil/laser/silk screen, etc.)——"Inspection/Test——"Packing and delivery

Inspection requirements and standards:

1. Control sample or confirm sample. Check whether the color and model match the sample;

2. There should be no cracks, nicks, unevenness and obvious scratches on the button surface;

3. No car cracks or bubbles on the face and back; no rotten edges and uneven thickness;

4. The pattern should have no obvious deformation, no white eyes, white circles, etc.;

5. Buttonholes should be smooth and unobstructed; all pinholes should be pierced or broken, symmetrical and without big eyes. If it is a dark-eye button, the dark-eye slot should be smooth without obvious bursting.

6. After electroplating or other processing, the effect should be uniform. If some special effects are not consistent, they can be packaged separately.

7. The color difference of the same batch of buttons should not be lower than the GB250 level four standard, and should not be lower than the GB250 level three standard compared with the sample.

8. Packing inspection, after the appearance inspection/performance test required by the customer is all qualified, then sub-packaging is carried out. The certificate or other labels should be put in the packaging. The number of packages should be in accordance with the regulations, and the actual number of each bag should be in accordance with the regulations. If it is found that the tolerance is exceeded due to inconsistencies in thickness or other reasons, it must be fully inspected.

9. Anxious buttons/cartop buttons/five-jaw buttons shall be tested before shipment to test the button performance and usability, and provide mold and test samples to customers.